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from here on out...

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Friends only. Comment and perhaps I'll add you.

[identity profile] 2005-07-26 07:16 pm (UTC)(link)
ummm, am I your friend? *pathetic look*

[identity profile] 2005-07-27 01:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Of course! I've actually only removed a couple of people from the list. You'll always be cool, Miss Nikki.

[identity profile] 2005-07-26 09:37 pm (UTC)(link)
fancy..... i hope this means juicy gossip!

[identity profile] 2005-07-27 01:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Hahaha, I wish.

[identity profile] 2005-07-27 08:37 am (UTC)(link)
Usually the best idea, I think.

(And what a delightful banner!)

[identity profile] 2005-07-27 01:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Why, thank you! I find that photo to be so very cheesecake-y.

[identity profile] 2005-07-27 08:54 am (UTC)(link)
oh, how i love you and your cuteness.

[identity profile] 2005-07-27 01:51 pm (UTC)(link)
You're the cute one, Michael.

[identity profile] 2005-07-30 11:32 pm (UTC)(link)
i like your journal. its really cool.

[identity profile] 2005-07-31 01:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks!! Yours is cool, too. I've added you.

[identity profile] 2005-08-01 05:48 am (UTC)(link)
Lady, this friends only entry is ruining my friendslist, I now have to actually go to your journal to read your new entries, rather than see them on my friendslist from my lj.

*sigh* I am soooooooooo lazy!

[identity profile] 2005-09-24 12:14 pm (UTC)(link)
I found you using LJ's new Schools function. I'm interested in making some friends at UNO - and LJ is my homeboy. Mind if I add you (I won't til you say it's okay). :D


[identity profile] 2005-09-24 12:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Nice to meet you. I don't drive, either. And I'm addicted to Livejournal. I'm so going to add you!


[identity profile] 2005-10-09 12:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Add me! Before I have to eat your face!!!

I used lots of exclamation.

You can read about me being a total loser/alcoholic/dork! You know you wanna.

Re: Shawhaaa??

[identity profile] 2005-10-09 02:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey there! Don't eat my face, it's my favorite!!!

I love you

[identity profile] 2005-10-10 10:24 pm (UTC)(link)
It's Miranda! I miss you! Put me on your friends list.

Re: I love you

[identity profile] 2005-10-10 11:12 pm (UTC)(link)
I love you, too.

[identity profile] 2006-05-10 04:39 pm (UTC)(link)
hi there. i saw that one of your interests was bookcrossing. do you mean the website if so i love that site! i am lislis78 on there. may i add you to my friends list on lj?


[identity profile] 2006-05-10 09:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Why, yes I did. I love books, and I love bookcrossing. I'd be happy to add you!!! By the way, my name on is theparadebegins, which is also the name of my other livejournal where I sometimes post original writing....emphasis on the "sometimes."

[identity profile] 2006-12-31 06:01 am (UTC)(link)
hi, i came to your journal by way of [ profile] usakeh (actually she recommended you to me) and i was wondering if i could add you as a friend?

(no subject)

[identity profile] - 2006-12-31 20:46 (UTC) - Expand
ext_3369: (Slowdive)

[identity profile] 2007-08-14 11:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Aloha. I've just added you. We seem to have a lot in common!

[identity profile] 2007-08-15 04:01 am (UTC)(link)
Nice to meet you! *adds you back*

[identity profile] 2008-11-13 10:11 pm (UTC)(link)
I am trying to get interesting people on my friends list. four years of the same list is boring. You should help.

You like Ye-Ye, and Lost. Those are two of my favorite things in the world.

[identity profile] 2008-11-14 07:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks, I'll add you back!

[identity profile] 2010-03-21 04:18 pm (UTC)(link)
i'd like to apply for a friendship, please.

(no subject)

[identity profile] - 2010-03-21 17:19 (UTC) - Expand
ext_236282: (Silly Party)

Are you altogether too fabulously fabulous?

[identity profile] 2010-06-12 04:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes, yes you are. Gee, how I loves easy questions. And stumbling upon fabulous people on the lj.

Re: Are you altogether too fabulously fabulous?

[identity profile] 2010-06-14 03:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Aww, thanks! I'll add you, too!

[identity profile] 2010-06-18 07:04 pm (UTC)(link)
hi! i'm a friend of susanna's from high school. i'm also a vegan, currently living in indianapolis (but likely to move away as soon as i can), studying for my massage therapy certification, and making music as much as possible. oh, and i have purple hair. so i'm pretty awesome. :) susanna suggested i befriend you. so...wanna be friends? :D

[identity profile] 2010-06-18 10:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Sure! I'll add you RIGHT NOW.

Edited to add: You sound pretty awesome, by the way. I recently wrote this little post for new friends, you can read it here.
Edited 2010-06-18 22:36 (UTC)

[identity profile] 2010-08-24 09:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello! I'm Kate and I'm married to [ profile] theimposter. He thinks you're very cool and keeps telling me that me and you have a lot of things in common and should be friends :)

[identity profile] 2010-08-24 10:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Why, hello there! I'd be happy to add you! Tell him I'm flattered he thinks I'm cool.

[identity profile] 2010-09-06 05:14 am (UTC)(link)
Well, there's no way you could possibly know me, but I was looking for Film Noir icons, stumbled on Godfather icons, then stumbled on Twin Peaks icons, then saw your icon of cheerleader buffy, then scoped out your userpics and I knew I had to add you.

Why should you add me?

Because I know who killed Laura Palmer.

It was Shelly the waitress.

[identity profile] 2010-09-06 04:33 pm (UTC)(link)
I'll add you, but don't blame me when you get a VERY NASTY PHONE CALL from DAVID LYNCH.

[identity profile] 2010-09-13 08:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello. Randomly stumbled across your journal. Well, I say randomly, but I was having a look to see who else on LJ had portmanteau words on their interests list. Anyone who has portmanteau words on their interests list has to be pretty fabulous, am I right?

Anyway. Add me if you like!

[identity profile] 2010-09-13 10:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Hahaha, you seem pretty fabulous yourself! *adds back*

[identity profile] 2010-10-04 12:54 am (UTC)(link)
Random randomness! We like much of the same things. & you live in Nebraska, where all good things originate from.

[identity profile] 2010-10-04 01:26 am (UTC)(link)
Yes, Nebraska is quite good! You are good, as well. *adds you*

[identity profile] 2010-10-20 02:01 am (UTC)(link)
commenting. found your through 30 rock and ontdmadmen. :)

[identity profile] 2010-10-20 04:17 am (UTC)(link)
Hello! I'll add you!

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[identity profile] 2011-06-16 12:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi. I totally stumbled on this journal. 'CAUSE ITS IN MY FRIENDS LIST. (winning)

[identity profile] 2011-09-25 04:53 am (UTC)(link)
Let's be friends forever.

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